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Kangook Nanook Evo and Nanook Evo Tandem

Kangook Nanook Evo and Nanook Evo Tandem

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The Kangook Nanook Evo is the largest of the Kangook paramotor trikes.  Available in both single seat and tandem configurations, this is the ultimate wheeled launch paramotor!  The Nanook Evo comes standard with and engine adapter for the Vittorazi Cosmos 300 and the Polini Thor 303.  The heavy duty and extra large cage allows the use of propellers up to 150cm.

The Nanook Evo comes standard with the Komfort style roll cage, Komfort harness, and disk brakes.

Nanook Evo options include:

-Battery support for electric start engines

-Foot throttle

-Passenger Harness

The Kangook Nanook Evo trike is finished with a durable powder coat finish.  The frame is finished in black while the fiberglass axles retain a white color. 

Like all Kangook Paramotors and trikes, the Nanook Evo is constructed entirely from 6061 T6 aviation grade aluminum.  Fully welded frames are strong and have very few if any nuts, bolts, rivets or any other type of fastener.  Fewer fasteners mean less worry of parts shaking loose from the vibration of a single cylinder engine and departing your frame and flying through your propeller.

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