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Dudek Solo 18m

Dudek Solo 18m

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New Adventures with the Used Solo Paramotor Wing:

Are you ready to elevate your paramotor experience? We present the Solo paramotor wing, a used but meticulously cared-for wing with approximately 20 hours of beach flights. This wing has proven itself in the sky, offering a unique blend of design, stability, and performance.

Design and Purpose: The Solo paramotor wing draws inspiration and advantages from the renowned tandem trike wing, the Cabrio. Its coherent and stable canopy generates ample lift, striking the right balance between passive safety, performance, and precise steering. Tailored for both recreational and cross-country pilots, Solo comfortably sits within the B-category wings level, providing security and performance.

Launch: Launching the Solo is a breeze. It eagerly fills and rises without lag or overtake tendencies. The launch occurs over a short distance at low speeds, often without the need for launch-assisting tapes. We recommend starting with the trimmers fully engaged for optimal performance. The Solo is stable with good lift, excelling at moderate speeds and swiftly accelerating when needed.

The variable airfoil geometry, adjustable with trimmers, allows you to fine-tune the airfoil shape based on the current flight profile, giving you precise control over flight speed.

Flight Characteristics: Solo features a dual control system, combining main steering lines and small TST handles for efficient use, particularly in accelerated flight (open trimmers). The wing behaves predictably and confidently in turbulence, efficiently suppressing lateral and front-rear swings.

Landing: During the landing approach, a gentle pull on the brakes is sufficient to reduce speed significantly and ensure a smooth landing.

Solo and its "Classmates": Solo stands out in its segment with a slightly increased aspect ratio (5.4), providing a refined experience compared to similar wings like the Universal 1.1 or the Synthesis 2. Its ease of use, lighter controls, and improved thermalling experience set it apart. Solo is a thoroughbred paramotor wing suitable for both beginner and intermediate pilots seeking uncomplicated fun and cross-country flying.

Take Flight with Solo: Experience the skies with Solo, a wing that encapsulates the thrill of paramotoring. This used wing, with its refined design and proven performance, is your ticket to new adventures. Are you ready to soar with Solo?

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