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Cosmos 300 - vittorazi

Cosmos 300 - vittorazi

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COSMOS 300: Conquering New Heights

Introduction: The Cosmos 300, Vittorazi's latest creation, signifies the company's ambitious leap into the world of trikes, hang gliders, and minimal ultralights. This engine is a testament to Vittorazi's determination to push beyond limits and explore new frontiers in aviation, solidifying its position as a true industry leader.

Technical Features: The Cosmos 300 is a powerhouse designed to strike the perfect balance between performance, safety, and comfort. Key technical features include:

  • Optimal Power: The liquid cooling system ensures consistent and optimal power in diverse environmental conditions.
  • Efficient Transmission: The straight-toothed gear transmission with Skiving surface finish minimizes friction, enhancing power and smooth operation.
  • Diaphragm Carburetor: Offers peak performance in power, consumption, and power output, even in challenging atmospheric conditions.
  • Twin Spark Technology: Borrowed from aeronautics, the Twin Spark system provides dual independent ignitions for enhanced safety.
  • VDO Sensor: Monitors cylinder head temperature, designed for the EGT (exhaust gas temperature) sensor, ensuring maximum reliability.

Details That Make a Difference: In line with Vittorazi's tradition of precision, every detail of the Cosmos 300 is meticulously crafted. Beyond performance, this engine stands out with its impressive maintenance intervals. The first maintenance is expected after 100 hours of flight, showcasing the Cosmos 300 as an engine of excellence in terms of build quality. Each component is carefully engineered for enduring performance, allowing pilots to focus solely on the joy of flying.

The Cosmos 300 is not just an engine; it's a symbol of innovation, reliability, and the pursuit of new flying possibilities. With Vittorazi's attention to detail and commitment to excellence, the Cosmos 300 is set to redefine your aviation experience.

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