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Cors Air

Cors-Air Black Bull

Cors-Air Black Bull

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Black Bull – Unleashing Power and Precision

Hand Start Version: The Black Bull Hand Start is a powerhouse of 235 c.c., meticulously engineered for competitions, bi-place PPG, and trikes. Crafted to meet the diverse needs of pilots, it excels in terms of lightweight design, raw power, and unwavering reliability. The thrust displayed reaches an impressive 90 kg with a propeller of 140 cm, making it a top-tier choice for those who seek pure performance.

Electric Start Version: In its Electric Start incarnation, the Black Bull continues to deliver exceptional performance for competitions, bi-place PPG, and trikes. Like its hand start counterpart, the electric start version is designed to cater to pilots' needs, emphasizing light weight, power, and maximum reliability. With a thrust display of 90 kg and a propeller of 140 cm, the Black Bull Electric Start version ensures a thrilling flying experience.

Technical Features:

  • Single cylinder air-cooled engine
  • Two-stroke powerhouse
  • Bore: 70 mm, Stroke: 61 mm
  • Total displacement: 235 cc
  • Compression ratio: 10.5:1
  • Six-blade reed-valve system for fuel delivery to the crankcase
  • Diaphragm carburetor Tryton
  • 1:3.0 reducer with Poly V belt
  • Continuous operating temperature: 180°C, max. temperature: 220°C (measured under the spark plug)
  • Engine mounting: Five shock-absorbing rubber mounts
  • Propeller rotation: Counterclockwise
  • Maximum RPM: 8000 RPM
  • Spark plug: NGK BR8ES
  • Fuel mixture: 2.5% with synthetic oil (suggested brands: Malossi 7.1 – Shell Racing M – Wladoil K 2T – Elf 2 T moto)

Structural Features:

  • Electric starter (battery recharge available as an accessory)
  • Crankcases molten in G-Al Si 9 UNI 3051 alloy, subsequently treated, and anodized against sea salt
  • Six-port distribution system, and exhaust with booster
  • Cylinder in alloy with Nikasil coating
  • Piston with 2 piston rings
  • Head in alloy with a high percentage of silicon and hemispheric combustion chamber, with squish
  • Drive shaft in 18 Ni Cr Mo5 with 5 thermic treatments on every component
  • Connecting rod in copper-plated steel 18 Ni Cr Mo 5 joined to the drive shaft through very precise high-speed silver-plated roller bearings
  • Roller bearings fit for high-speed class C3
  • Seal ring in Viton with very high resistance and long duration
  • Engine weight: Black Bull Electric Start complete with airbox in carbon and rubber mounts kg. 17.4

The Black Bull series, whether hand start or electric start, is a testament to power, precision, and the pursuit of an unparalleled flying experience. Elevate your flights with the Black Bull.

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