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Apco Karisma II

Apco Karisma II

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KARISMA II: Unleash Your Flying Potential

Embark on a thrilling journey with the KARISMA II, a wing that transcends the ordinary, embodying a distinct personality in the realm of flight.

A Wing of Confidence and Safety: Solid, safe, and confidence-inspiring, the KARISMA II redefines the flying experience. From fundamental training to ambitious cross-country flights, it is engineered to be the epitome of safety, ensuring a seamless learning process under a canopy of unparalleled security.

Evolution of Excellence: Building upon the success of its predecessor, the KARISMA II is an enhanced version in every aspect. Notably, a groundbreaking 20% weight reduction (1kg) elevates its performance, facilitating effortless inflation and heightened in-flight safety. Nil wind forward launches, with or without an engine, are now effortlessly achievable.

Simplified Take-Offs and Ground Handling: Addressing the challenges faced by beginners during take-off and ground handling, the KARISMA II is meticulously tuned for simplicity. A lightweight canopy and a streamlined 3-leg riser design eliminate the chaos of tangled risers and lines during reverse launches, ensuring an accelerated learning curve for students.

Innovative APP Sharknose Profile: The KARISMA II introduces the specially crafted APP type profile (Sharknose), a revolutionary addition contributing to wing safety. This profile maintains internal canopy pressure consistently across various speeds, offering a flight experience free from deflations or pressure drops. Confidence-inspiring, the KARISMA II strikes a balance between handling, performance, and real-life safety.

Flight Dynamics:

  • Take-Off: Effortless and intuitive, aided by the lightweight and 3-leg riser design.
  • Landing: Stall-resistant with flaring capabilities for a graceful descent.
  • Thermalling: Unmatched thermalling capabilities, encouraging progression to cross-country flights.
  • Performance: Exceptional glide at trim speed, with efficient air cutting during acceleration, ensuring minimal sink rate.

Pilot Feedback: The KARISMA II speaks a language of simplicity in pilot feedback. Reassuring and precise, it is forgiving for beginners yet responsive when guided correctly, fostering immediate and confident responses.

Intelligent Construction: Striking a balance between weight and durability, the KARISMA II employs light cloth intelligently in internal and bottom surface construction while retaining APCO’s legendary durable cloth on the top surface.

Paramotor Prowess: The KARISMA II Paramotor edition, equipped with specialized risers and trimmers, undergoes rigorous testing for seamless integration with paramotor use. Its lightweight construction proves advantageous on nil wind days, ensuring effortless forward launches. With EN A certification, it stands as an excellent choice for beginner paramotor pilots in various countries.

In conclusion, the KARISMA II is not just a glider; it's a mentor, guiding both instructors and pilots to new heights of skill and enjoyment in the world of flight.

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