Disabled Vets Free Tuition Info

Join Run into the Sky's Disabled Veterans Program

Are you a disabled veteran seeking the thrill of flight? At Run into the Sky, we're dedicated to providing an unforgettable experience through our adaptive flying program.

Please note:  To join our program, you'll need a copy of your DD-214 and a letter from the VA showing your disability rating and an honorable discharge.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept individuals who have had a dishonorable discharge, are a registered sex offender or have any felonies.


If you meet the above criteria:


Download this PDF Packet called THINGS TO SIGN
Download and Print and Sign

Fill out the APPLICATION. 

We need to do a video interview application.   Very easy.

You will sign up for a free ZOOM.us account unless you already have one.

Then sign in to the meeting anytime as you will be the only one in the meeting room and it will automatically start recording.

Meeting ID 5017473558
Passcode 987654321
Click the link below if you are already signed into your zoom account.



Tell us your FIRST and LAST name and your cell number.

Read the question out loud, then answer.

What motivated you to pursue paramotor flying with Run into the Sky?

Can you provide details about your military service and any resulting disabilities?

Are you comfortable with the physical demands of paramotoring, considering your disability?

Do you have a support system in place to assist you during your training and beyond?

What are your long-term goals and aspirations within the paramotoring community?

Have you researched the potential risks and challenges associated with paramotoring, and how do you plan to mitigate them?

What specific adaptive equipment or modifications do you anticipate needing to fully participate in paramotoring?

Are you comfortable with the possibility of public speaking or media appearances to share your story as a Run into the Sky pilot?

Are you willing to mentor and support other disabled veterans who may join Run into the Sky in the future?

How do you plan to maintain your physical and mental well-being throughout your paramotoring journey?

Is there anything else you would like to say or talk about?

When done, END. We will get up with you after we view the video interview application.

The board of directors and other key members of Run Into The Sky will watch your video interview.  THIS VIDEO IS PRIVATE AND WILL NOT BE SHOWN ON ANY SOCIAL MEDIA, it is only for the interview process. 

We will do a background check before classes start. 

Support Our Mission:

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