Season 5, Ep 203 - Kenny Schnatter

Ep 203 - Kenny Schnatter - Run Into The Sky Paramotor Podcast
Kenny Schnatter began his aviation adventure in 2006. Kenny grew up riding and racing motocross. He always had a passion for thrill and excitement. When he discovered that flying could be like hitting a jump on his dirt bike but not coming down until an hour later he knew it was something that he had to persue. He went on to do some research and find out what paramotors were all about. He went for training to learn to fly paramotors. After realizing he thought it would be nice to have others enjoy the flight with him he trained for his license on a powered parachute and then fixed wing airplanes. Kenny always had a desire to help people in anyway he could. Kenny enjoyed paramotors so much he knew he had to find a way to help people with the sport and give them the best training he could for safety and to have fun! Kenny then decided to open Pennsylvania PPG LLC in 2022. Kenny now has his USPPA instructor rating to train foot launch and wheel launch paramotors.
INSTAGRAM: @pennsylvania_ppg
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